MLEP C3 Assignment Troubleshooting Tips

For all Qwiklabs

1 - You get the error message “You do not have permission to view this project” or you can’t find files that you have already created earlier

If you’re sure that you’ve followed all instructions but get this type of issue, please click on the upper right icon to check if you’re using the student credentials given to you by Qwiklabs. We found that GCP sometimes switches your account to your personal gmail account especially if it opens a new popup.

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 8.46.35 PM

One way to avoid this is to do the Qwiklabs in an Incognito or private browsing session to make sure that GCP does not see previously logged-in Gmail accounts.

When you switch accounts, also check if the project selected is also pointed to the Project ID given to you by Qwiklabs. It has the pattern qwiklabs-gcp-<identifier> as shown in the screenshot below. In some instances, we found that this can be unselected when you switch accounts.

2 - You get the error message “Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab.” or “Any credits or tokens you used to start this lab have been refunded.”

Qwiklabs limits the amount of retries to the lab. Please use the Qwiklabs chat support and ask the agent to extend your quota. It is on the upper right of the Qwiklabs page. Before doing so, please make sure to ask for tips here in Discourse in case you were stuck in one of the lab instructions. That will help you resolve the issue once you get access again to the lab and you will avoid exceeding your new quota.

Week 5 Assignment: Machine Learning with Tensorflow in Vertex AI

1. You get an error when trying to use the model for prediction (i.e. last cell in the lab):

“error”: {
“code”: 400,
“message”: “"Explainability failed with exception: Exceeded max_retries (5) while Explainer attempting to call Predictor. Error: \u003c_InactiveRpcError of RPC that terminated with:\n\tstatus = StatusCode.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED\n\tdetails = \"\"\n\tdebug_error_string = \"UNKNOWN:Error received from peer {created_time:\"2023-08-31T12:26:25.617458837+00:00\", grpc_status:8, grpc_message:\"\"}\"\n\u003e"\n”,

Solution: This is usually a temporary problem. You can retry after 2 to 5 minutes to see if you get a proper prediction from the model. We’ve reported this to our partners so they can investigate.