MLS Course 2, Week 4, Exercise 4,

Why does the value best_feature = -1 in the last exercise of week 4? When I set it to zero, it does not work

Hi! Can you share the error message that indicates that it does not work?

But it works when I set it back to -1

Thanks for the screenshot. It is exactly as the Error message says, you need to return -1 as the best feature when the targets are all the same value, or equivalently saying, you need to return -1 when no feature will give us any information gain. Please consider this as a requirement.

To understand why setting that variable as -1 will give us the desired result, you need to read the code, then think about if we set it to 0, how can it return a -1 as desired?


Oh now i get it. Thank you for the explanation

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You’re welcome @iliasu_Sal!