Mobile ML App development

Hi, I’m making a mobile ML app for a project. Could I have some suggestions on how to deploy this? I’ve heard of Tensorflow Lite and Core ML, as well as Django and Django REST Framework, but I don’t quite understand how all of these work. I would greatly appreciate if someone gave me a few brief explanations.


I worked on a mobile project for a company before. We were trying to build an app to help brain trauma patients. Thus, I added an NLP Deep Learning Transformer Model. Because it can do language tasks for the patients, it can answer questions for the patients.
I ran it on my Android app, and it was fine. You need to be careful about the memory usage and the size if you really want to do offline inference as I did. Yes. that model was offline. Besides quotation, there are also other solutions that can optimize it for memory usage for Android.

I did a report for the Deep Learning model that I added for my company during my company report.
You can see it here:

Edit: I didn’t use Tensorflow. I used Pytorch for deploying it on mobile. You can also deploy Pytorch model in javascript for the web application.
You can see more examples of the Deep Learning models deployed on mobile on my youtube channel.

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