After running successfully all the first blocks from Natural Machine Translation assignment, i get an error when trying to fit the model[Xoh,s0,c0], outputs, epochs=1, batch_size=100)
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not callable

Any help please

Which week number?
Which assignment number?

It is the first exercise, Neural Machine Translation from week three, Sequence models.
Thanks for your feedback

So that’s Course 5, Week 3, Assignment 1.
Ill take a look.

The error comes from your modelf() function. It doesn’t work correctly.

Thank you, i’ll get back to it
However i get the green “All tested correct”!

That does not mean your code is perfect.
And the problem may be in some other function that modelf() uses.

Thank you for your responsivness.

In my case I passed inputs in wrong order (X was last parameter). I fixed this and model fitted.