Model is not producing any queries (A good thing, but not for the learning sake)

In evaluation I section Andrew displays some example of how the model returns outputs that are not explicitly in the JSON format irrespective of mentioning so.

But when I try to run the same thing in the notebook for some reason it is returning prefect JSON objects.

customer_msg_4 = f"""
tell me about the CineView TV, the 8K one, Gamesphere console, the X one.
I'm on a budget, what computers do you have?"""

products_by_category_4 = find_category_and_product_v1(customer_msg_4,

This is the example that Andrew tries in the course where he gets the output like :

But when I do, I get something like :

I mean ofc kudos to OpenAI :raised_hands: but we still need to learn how to fix it right? right ?

Hi @Tarun_Kumar_S,

The thing with LLMs is that they frequently get updated, which sometimes mean that the way they provide output changes as well.

So if at some point it is said that an LLM doesn’t provide JSON formatted reply output by default, but later it starts doing, that can be expected. But important thing to remember is that you can always specify to an LLM what output format you want.