Naive Forecast

So here, here I have problems and confusion related to code errors, can anyone provide a solution?

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hi @Raden_Raihan_Ramadha

What course are you referring to?

Programming Assignment: Forecast using RNNs or LSTMs

Thank you @Raden_Raihan_Ramadha

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The assignment is part of course 4 week 1.

series_valid should be of type numpy.ndarray.

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Right. We could tell that much just by reading the original error message, regardless of what course this is from.

The first step in debugging is to read the error message and understand what it means.

So the error says that series_valid is of type int, which in python is a scalar integer. A scalar value does not have a “shape” attribute, which is why that error message is thrown. So now you need to go back and read the instructions and look at the code that sets series_valid. It’s supposed to turn out to be a numpy array, but it ends up being a scalar integer. So how did that happen? Possible causes are that you are misunderstanding the instructions or that the code you wrote is incorrect. That is the problem that you need to solve.

I hope that I’m just misinterpreting what you are asking for here, but please realize that it’s not our job to provide you with the solution. That’s your job, but we can provide advice and interpretation to help point you in the right direction.

Thanks you sir