NameError: name 'ZeroPadding2D' is not defined

Hello everybody, I am stuck with the error "NameError: name ‘ZeroPadding2D’ is not defined
" during Course 4’s second assignment ! I have defined padding and input_shape as arguments and can not find what I did wrong. I would be happy to post the code if I am allowed to ! Thank you for your help.

Which week and assignment number (or name) are you working on?

Week 1 - Course 4’s second assignment (happyModel).

There are four weeks in the course, and two assignments in each week.
Please be specific.

Sorry I edited the answer.

Week 1 - Course 4’s second assignment (happyModel).

Did you use “tfl.ZeroPadding2D(…)”, along with the arguments?
Did you run the cells that load the packages and read in the data set?
You might have to restart the kernel and run all of the cells again. Often that helps.

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I forgot to use “tfl.” ! Thank you for your help !