Need Help: DLS C4W1 first Assignment: Convolution_model_Step_by_Step_v1

I have been trying to submit my assignment for over a month now and I can’t the submit button, please help.

There is a topic about that on the DLS FAQ Thread.

Also note that you filed this under “General Discussion”. You’ll generally have better luck if you file things under the relevant Specialization and Course. These forums cover a lot of different Specializations at this point. I’ve moved it for you by using the little “edit pencil” on the title.

Thank you for your response, I didn’t there was already an answer. Would that mean I’d have to take down this particular post?

No, it’s fine to leave it here. Perhaps it will help someone else find the FAQ Thread. We don’t have any good way to make sure people see that. People frequently search by keywords and they can then use your thread to find the answer.

I am not familiar with “unbounded” errors. Perhaps you could show us the full error output you are getting. If you are getting undefined variable errors, then that should be pretty easy to track down. Note that this is not a beginning programming course: you need reasonable competence at python as a “pre-existing condition” to succeed here. Also note that if you skipped Courses 1 and 2 and came straight to Course 4, that may not be a good strategy if you’re new to python and numpy. Numpy was introduced in Course 1. Course 4 also assumes you’re already familiar with Prof Ng’s notational conventions and how the assignment notebooks work and such. All that was covered in detail in Courses 1 and 2.

Also note that your question really has nothing to do with the subject of this thread other than the fact that it concerns Course 4 Assignment 1. Generally for a new topic, it’s easier to get it noticed if you start a new thread with a useful title. In this case, e.g., how about "What does it mean if I get an error message that says “unbounded error?” That would get peoples’ attention! :nerd_face:

Very helpful. Thank you. I will see if I can delete this thread.