Need help in solving solving Boolean Function Problem

The question is
Simplify the following Boolean functions using four-variable maps.

  1. i)F (W, X, Y, Z) = ∑ ( 1, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 15)

my answer is in the image but I do have some doubts about it

  1. The grouping which I have did in my answer is it right or wrong?
  2. How to take varible to denote grouping, in short how to do grouping?
  3. The answer I have provided is it right or wrong?

Reply if anyone knows about it because tommorow is my 1st Semester Exam and I need to clarify these doubts.

Thank You

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Is this question related to any of the DLAI courses?

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I’ve got the same question as Tom: I don’t recognize this as anything that Prof Ng talks about in any of the courses here that I have taken.

It’s fine to ask random questions in General Discussions and maybe you get lucky and someone can help, although this doesn’t look ML related. But if you’re asking for someone else to do your homework for you in some university course, that seems like maybe you’re short changing yourself. Maybe the better idea is to go back and check your notes or read the relevant sections of the text book again.

I was a math grad student quite a long time ago and I also don’t remember seeing a problem formulated that way in any of my studies. What is the subject of the course you are taking?

I’m not sure I understand what the goal is, but notice that the values you have circled in the diagram do not include 1. But that is in the RHS of the target expression.

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If I recall correctly, from a long time ago, I think this grouping is not correct, because the 12 and 15 cells are not adjacent.

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And you have an uncovered cell in the first row.