Need help with C4_W1


I am struggling for quite a few days to finish assignment 1. Can some TA help me? I am not able to finish the last 3 exercises. My notebook id is:


Hoping for a response from someone.



I think I have resolved most of the issues except rouge1_similarity. I do not know how to calculate precision and recall.

Can somebody please have a look?


Hi @vrathi,

The best way to ask for help and to make sure you can be helped is by sharing the errors you are getting as well, along with the information of where you are getting them.

You have simply said “need help” and have not shared any error which others can look at and try to give you suggestions (you did mention the “where” you need help part)

Mentors cannot look at your notebook via your lab ID, only staff members can, so always share your error. If anyone would need to look at your code, they would direct message you.


As for your issue, after looking at your notebook, you are using incorrect values for the denominators of both, precision and recall.


Many thanks for putting in the corrections.