Need help with DL specialization Course 5 Lab1 rnn_backward function

My result for the rnn_backward function is not matching with the expected output.

Below is the code from the time step iteration, what am I doing wrong here?
[snippet removed by mentor]

cache is a tuple of size 4 where the 0th index contains a_next. Please read the signature of rnn_cell_backward and fix the 1st parameter in the call.

Hello Balaji,
Thank you for your response.

I still have some doubts regd fixing the 1st parameter.

Given rnn_cell_backward signature as:
rnn_cell_backward(da_next, cache)
da_next – Gradient of loss with respect to next hidden state
cache – python dictionary containing useful values (output of rnn_cell_forward())

Now coming to the function call,
As per the below image, da_next is defined as follows:

i.e. da_next = da[:, :, t] + a_next

So as per my understanding, I came up with the below code for da_next
Where, a_next = caches[t][0], cache at time step ‘t’ and indexing 0 to get ‘a_next’ at time step ‘t’

gradients = rnn_cell_backward( da[:,:,t] + caches[t][0], caches[t])

Is my understanding correct?
Am I still missing something here?

Ankit S

Please refer the markdown for the exercise:

  • Note that this notebook does not implement the backward path from the Loss ‘J’ backwards to ‘a’.
    • This would have included the dense layer and softmax which are a part of the forward path.
    • This is assumed to be calculated elsewhere and the result passed to rnn_backward in ‘da’.

Going back to the picture, for timestep T_x - 1, the value of {da}_{next} is equal to da for the last timestep (based on the last point in the note). Computing the gradients using rnn_cell_backward will return {da}_{prev} which corresponds to the value at left side of he figure you uploaded.

At T_x - 2, use da for that timestep and the above value to compute gradient of the parameters via rnn_cell_backward. Keep the process going till you iterate over all timesteps.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Balaji,
Thanks a lot for your advice, I was able to solve this.

Best Regards,
Ankit S