Need partner

i had just started this course and I need a partner to whom I can discuss and we learn both. i had take this course before but its very difficult to learn alone. anybody who is interested let me know. we will look lecture each day and will discuss that in meet daily.
here is my whatsapp number: +923414332891


Hey, I am a student of applied mathematics and I’m working with AI. Maybe indeed we can help each other. Do you want me to send you a friend request on your whats up?

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share whatsapp number plz

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Is it possible to join this group? I’d love to have someone to discuss the labs with.

can you share your WhatsApp number?


please also add me, my phone number is 14129965610, thanks

please add this number too +916392196102

Hello guys, I’m just starting this course too. I could be a little late, is it possible to join this group?. WhatsApp: +57 3215847113

Can i join too? I am 3 weeks in the course and starting the lab assignment for week 3. Number: +91 9958228100.