Need steps for Neo4j setup

Can someone please give the step by step process to setup Neo4j on the Cloud OR local mode, and how to get the movies DB which is shown as test database, how to connect to it from python code.
I am in the habit of running the code in my Desktop (Linux), and I did try to set this up, but getting number of issues, ex:

  • for local setup, APOC related error
  • for cloud DB , created a Neo4j instance easily, but cant import the movies DB easily (the GUI accepts only .csv file, but the Movies example database has .dump file).
    So please please give us the steps like Step 1, Step 2 …what we need to do to run these examples in our own env, by creating a Neo4j instance (dnt like to do Shift enter) and go through the course. Till now I am able to do this for all courses, got stuck up in this. I am using Linux 18.04, 16 GB RAM Nvidia 2060 GPU, and my system runs pretty smoothly.

Does anyone know how to set this up for MAC OS? In particular, once we download the application, is there an API key we can put in our .env file? I’m very confused about this portion here:

OPENAI_ENDPOINT = os.getenv(‘OPENAI_BASE_URL’) + ‘/embeddings’

Hi @Anirban_K ,

For running Neo4j locally, the easiest is to use an application called “Neo4j Desktop” which manages local databases and includes some nice tooling.

Alternatively, you can use package managers on Linux, following instructions here: Linux installation - Operations Manual

For either local or Neo4j Aura (cloud hosted) databases, you can create the Movies database using a giant insert script, which I’ve posted to another thread…