Neural Artistic Style Transfer

While doing the specialization, one of the things that called my attention most was the Neural Style Transfer. So last year i did some basic research, and published a comparison between different methods to do it. One being the Gatys paper that is explained in Course 4, and some other methods, including the ones used in the Google Arts & Culture app.

If someone is interested, HERE is the link to the publication.

And just for fun, I also created a web site where anybody and upload an image and apply one of a few pre selected styles HERE, just be patient HD styles (Gatys) take several minutes to process.

Please let me know if you like them or have questions.


Thank you @javier for sharing this. Might I suggest to post this in the DLS Resource Category as well ?


haha, nice results!

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LOL, Yes !!

Gatys, Ecker and Bethge, Chapeau :tophat: !!

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This is photo of my dog, Nina, with Van Gogh’s Olive Trees style.