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In Building Your Own Database Agent you will develop an AI agent that interacts with databases using natural language, simplifying the process for querying and extracting insights. Created in partnership with Microsoft and taught by Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez, Data and AI Specialist at Microsoft, this course is designed for developers, data professionals, as well as business analysts and professionals who want more sophisticated interaction with their databases through natural language instead of advanced SQL queries.

Hi, can I use Android phone to download the package (it’s all new to me) or it is better to use the computer? Thanks

DLAI has an app (β€œDeep Learning.AI”) you can download to view the forum and attend the Short Courses.

Or you can attend via your browser. There is a link to the Short Courses in the left-side menu.

Thank you so much for putting this course together!

I’ve got a few questions.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, I supposed Code Interpreter will be used along with Function Calling to improve the Assistant however based on the code shown in the course where code interpreter was introduced, it appears as though code interpreter was used without Function Calling. Is this correct or am I misunderstanding what was done here?

Furthermore, is it meant to be a case of using either Function Calling or Code Interpreter? Or is there additional benefit to using both in some way?

Finally, for the Function Calling approach, what is the agent to do when none of the of the available functions seem relevant in answering the natural language query? Should we perhaps introduce a catch-all function to be called when no other more specific/specialized function is available?a


Thanks for your interest in our short courses! We have a dedicated Q&A category for short courses where you can connect with other learners. Feel free to join the discussion there – our amazing Mentors or Learning Technologists will be happy to answer your questions and connect with you as well.

I want to use AI in my work as an academic advisor to serve my students in a good way

Hello @MohamadItani !

We’re excited to announce the new β€œAI Discussions” category! This is a space for learners, mentors, and enthusiasts to connect, ask questions, and share their knowledge about AI. Feel free to create or jump in and join the conversation!