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This course focuses on integrating traditional database features with vector search capabilities to optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of large-scale Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications.


This is a great course! Unfortunately, I get a server timeout error when I try to clean up the records after connecting to the database in Lesson 4 (Boosting):

I never had this problem for the past lessons 1-3, so I wonder why this happens.

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Hey syntactician,
Did you try to reboot the server ?
You can save your work. Then click on Help, and reboot server. See if that helps.


Hello @syntactician ,

Thank you for your interest in our short courses, please find the category for Short Course QA to add your questions or suggestions.

I wonder if it’s possible to insert PDF documents (as they are ) to MongoDB or not? As far as I understood MongoDB needs documents to be in JSON or BSON format and doesn’t have its own built in document convertor. And in the provided example they use a ready made, well structured database from hugging face. But in reality, companies don’t store their data (mostly PDF and Excel) in JSON format.