New train function is not defined

iwtjgvvi my lab id
The code line number 117 is not working it’s defined by one who created it. I haven’t changed anything it gives some errors.
This affect my code Compute cost
and give the error
name ‘new_y_train’ is not defined

Hi there,

You need to be more precise which lab this is and in which week and you should post it in the relevant week so we know where to look for the issue!

I see, I’m very confused about where to post. Can you please give me some guide or where to look up and post for relevant week and topic?

You post here in discourse but you choose the course the week and which lab or assignment the question is comming from so we can know where to look about it. Thanks.

I am currently doing the Tensor flow introduction Week 3 Assignment (Improving deep neural network) I was under an impression lab id is uniquely determine my assignment?

lab id iwtjgvvi

I have no error in my graded part so far but line 117 which is written by the coordinator giving me error. I don’t know if anything wrong in my part.

I think you are in the wrong forum, the course you are linking here is part of the deep learning specialization not this one.