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Hi @Sudipta_Mukherjee1

Reversing the array can be achieved with:
reversed_arr = arr[::-1]

So you deleted one line (or it got missing):

    # sort the similarity list and get the indices of the sorted list    
    sorted_ids = None  
    # Reverse the order of the sorted_ids array
    sorted_ids = None
    # get the indices of the k most similar candidate vectors
    k_idx = None


now it is showing name error please help

Please help anyone

@Sudipta_Mukherjee1 don’t get me wrong, because I don’t want to be rude, but from what I see, I think that you lack basic Python/programming knowledge and this specialization (especially later courses) could be too soon too hard for you.

The line I showed you (reversed_arr = arr[::-1]) has different variable names - in your case, instead of arr you would use sorted_ids. Also you did double assignment (two = in one line is not what would someone with basic programming knowledge would have done; in this case, you don’t need reversed_arr because sorted_ids stands for it). Or put it simply:
sorted_ids = sorted_ids[::-1]
is what you’re looking for (it reverses the order of sorted_ids).


now i get different result

i am not getting the result

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Hi @Sudipta_Mukherjee1

Almost there:
Your last line is wrongly indexed, it should be sorted_ids[:k] (since you want up to k top nearest neighbors, while your current slice gives you last k neighbors)


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But i changed the last line still i get different result

That just reverses the list again, which is not what you want. You want to “peel off” the first k elements of the list, right? How do you give an index expression that says “start at 0 and end at k”?

Try this and watch what happens:

myList = list(range(8))

[quote=“arvyzukai, post:5, topic:552345”]
sorted_ids = sorted_ids[::-1]
[/quote]nothinh happened sir

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I answered that question above.

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performing those operations i get different result