NLP C3 W3 E4: Mask

Stuck on building my mask. May be a simple python problem. The example depicts
masking a 1D array and I am not sure how to translate that into taking the 3D pred and building a mask from the first 2D. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @yodester

Masking 1D or 3D array is simple with numpy - just check against the value you want:

But note that in the Assignment you are masking the 2D array (it doesn’t matter anyway, the code is the same):
mask = array != some_value

Thanks for the response. I believe I am trying to mask the wrong array. I need the array that contains the words where the pad character resides.

I will look again tonight when I get off work.

Thanks again.

Please can someone help more on the code implementation for this part of the assignment? Struggling to get past this step in the assignment.

# the first mask to extract the diagonal elements,
# the second mask to extract elements in the negative_zero_on_duplicate matrix that are larger than the elements in the diagonal
mask_exclude_positives = (None)|(None)

Hi Did you get the solution