NN Training from Scratch

Hi everyone, If I wanted to train a forward propagation model for classification from scratch, what values of Y am I supposed to take for (ŷ - y) in gradient descent for each neuron and layer?

Let’s say we have a 2 layer model [3 and 1 neurons] and an example where our y = 1, I could see that we should train the last neuron during gradient descent where we could input y = 1 since it’s the final output that we wish to get, but what are the y values of the neurons in the first layer? Are we using y = 1 as well?

I hope I made myself clear haha, and sorry if this is explained later in the course, or it has already been explained, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

For the output layer, the ‘y’ values are from the training set.

For the hidden layer, there are no ‘y’ values known. So you have to use a mathematical trick called “backpropagation of errors”. It requires that you compute the equations for the partial derivatives of the cost function. This uses calculus.

This is a non-trivial bit of work and (edit) was just recently added to the course.

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Thank you very much! It seems later in week two there is a module called back propagation, but if that is not covered there I’ll sure take a look into it somewhere else :slight_smile:

Hello @juliandniz

This section was recently added to the course.