No grading for Course 4 week 4 Facial recognition exercise

Wait, ok, I just went and looked at the code again to remind myself what it looks like. Are you telling us that you changed the function definition of triplet_loss to remove the y_true argument? If so, that will not end well and could easily cause problems with the grader. Changing anything outside the “YOUR CODE HERE” blocks is not a good idea. It’s not illegal, but it needs to be done with extreme care.

In this particular case, it means you completely misinterpreted what that comment in the “docstring” of the function says. It says you don’t actually use that value here, but you need it because this function is used as a Keras loss function that we are writing. And Keras loss functions have a standard function signature. You changed the function signature, so that’s why everything failed with that error.

If you want to get a clean copy of the notebook to restore the original code, there is a topic about that on the FAQ Thread.