No longer accessible the Lab 2 - Fine-tune a generative AI model for dialogue summarization

Hello Sir,

Generative AI with Large Language Models course it is very interesting but I facing issues in Lab 2 that is belong in week 2. Where did not get access to continue this labs because it showing This course has ended and no longer accessible .

Please solve this issues and give me to access to submit this graded quizs so that I able to learn and complete this course properly.


I have the same issue! I just bought this course 1 week ago to access the programming tasks and now they are unavailable!

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Same issue here hopefully its rectified

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Hi everyone! We’ve escalated this to our partners. Please monitor this other topic instead. We will post there as soon as we hear from them. Thank you for reporting, and sorry for the inconvenience!

closing this topic and temporarily marking this as the solution for visibility

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