No points in Programming Assignment: Data Validation

Could you help me solve the first exercise of the final exam of Programming Assignment: Data Validation, I don’t have the slightest idea why it doesn’t give me any points, this is my code, as I understand in Exercise 1: Generate Training Statistics, I must generate the expected value below with this data set train_stats = tfdv.generate_statistics_from_dataframe(train_df, stats_options) right?

this is my code:

train_stats = tfdv.generate_statistics_from_dataframe(train_df, stats_options)

# Assuming you have already generated the statistics and stored them in the 'train_stats' variable

# Get the number of features used
num_features = len(train_stats.datasets[0].features)

# Get the number of examples used
num_examples = train_stats.datasets[0].num_examples

# Get the first feature
first_feature = train_stats.datasets[0].features[0].path.step[0]

# Get the last feature
last_feature = train_stats.datasets[0].features[-1].path.step[0]

# Print the extracted information
print("Number of features used:", num_features)
print("Number of examples used:", num_examples)
print("First feature:", first_feature)
print("Last feature:", last_feature)


I’m not a mentor for that course, so I don’t have specific guidance.

But the next piece of information you need is the grader feedback for each assignment where you got 0 points.

You can get this by clicking on the > icon on each row, and read the grader feedback text.

If you post screen capture images of that text, it will help others assist you.

Hi @Miguel_Angel_Velazqu ,

Just to crosscheck, where you able to fix your issue.

Do not hesitate to post again.