No such file or directory: 'images/my_image.jpg' (C4W2 A1))

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the first task of the second week (Residual_Networks), the problem is that it does not load the image to test the restNet model, this error is very strange because that is the path of the notebook folder, isn’t it?

How do I reset the notebook to a previous state, because I tried to change the directory name to another image that is in the images/ folder, to test the model , but from that moment I started to get this error.

There is a topic on the FAQ Thread about how to restore a notebook to a clean version.

BTW if you look at the “file explorer” view, you can see that the name of the file is my_image.jpeg, not my_image.jpg. That might account for why you get an error 2 trying to open that file name. :nerd_face:

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hahaha XD how blind I am, thank you very much :V