Not Sure How to Fix Error

Hi, the following is my code and the error message I’m receiving. Can anyone provide any guidance as far as how I can go about fixing it or what the error really means?

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

It looks like your syntax is wrong for the first two layers. You are both “instantiating” them and then calling them as well. In the Sequential Model, you only want that first step. The actual invocation of the instantiated functions occurs later.

They don’t give us a lot of instructions on how to use the Sequential and Functional Models, but please have a look at this thread which gives examples and more guidance,.

Thank you! I also have this error, and I’m not sure what the source of this is or how to fix it as it’s throwing an error on the code I cannot edit?

We see this error when the input shape is not specified correctly. Then, all layers follow can not calculate output shape at all. Please see this thread.

Thanks everyone, my error was resolved!