Object of type 'OpenAI' is not JSON serializable

in L1 notebook, I keep going to have this error message in cells containing get_prebuilt_trulens_recorder() assignment. To be more precise, it worked fine in a first run but not in the following executions of the same notebook (even if I shutdown and restart from scratch). The complete error msg refers to a pydantic schema not respected.

I have made some advancements regarding the error. In fact, it does not appear if I maintain the db reset instruction: tru.reset_database(), but by doing so I cannot obtain the same results as in the video (see at time 10:40 for reference) where the instructor can easily compare the results of two different apps named Direct Query Engine and Sentence Window Query Engine respectively).

I have the same issue. Not sure how to retain the historical id.

same here!

In l4 ipynb, I commented out codes for Layer Two, and RAG Triad dashboard of Layer Three works fine. So the observation is cannot generate two Apps in a same leaderboard. Please help out.