One layer convolutional neural network

hey! I didn’t understand the concept of One layer convolutional neural network. can anyone explain in easy way?

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Prof Ng explains how an individual “convolution layer” works in the lectures in Week 1 of DLS C4. Then we can use one or many individual “conv layers” along with pooling layers and dense layers to construct a complete network as the solution to a given type of problem. We will see lots of examples as we go through Course 4 of how to assemble the different types of layers into complete networks.

I realize that the above may not directly answer your question, but it’s my response to the general set of ideas raised by your question. Please feel free to ask more followup questions based on what I said. If you choose to do that, it would also be a good idea for you to clarify how much of the DLS Course 4 lectures you have watched yet or to point to a particular time offset in one of the lectures, if you are asking about some specific point Prof Ng made there.