Optimization Methods assignment is failing hidden tests without any feedback

I received all tests passing as part of development. I am looking as to why is it so or how I can check it and not have the situation repeat.

Hi, @cms1032.

The notebook’s test cases may have missed something the grader is picky about.

Feel free to send me a private message with your code and I will try to help you.

Sorry, no, that link is to your notebook and no-one but you can follow that link. It is private to your account. I have not figured out a way to attach a file to a Discourse post. In any case, please don’t share something like that in a public forum thread like this one. Discourse supports private user to user conversations. Click on the user’s icon or avatar and the click “Message”.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I removed the page and I am using DM’s now.

The problem was the notebook’s tests failed to catch an error in the dimensions of the last mini-batch returned by random_mini_batches (Exercise 2 - random_mini_batches).

The correct dimensions are:


Another possible cause for this problem is leaving out decayRate when implementing schedule_lr_decay: