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Hi all I am new for this space & also for deeplearning.ai as well and wanted to ask that can someone give me order of course means which course should I pick. Basicallt order of coursers.

If there is already some reference available for that, also can provide that.

Thank You

Hello @Madhu_Soodan and welcome to DeepLearning community. This specialization will be a good start if you’ve just started your machine learning journey Machine Learning Specialization, If you still have any other question please let me know.

Hi Isaak

Happy to hear from you, and also thank you for confirming that course. Can you suggest the road map or list of courses in which I need to follow as I said I am just starting Data Science.

In my opinion the best personal sequence for you depends on:

  • where you stand now (beginner | medium | advanced)
  • what you want to achieve (e.g. become an expert in Tensorflow or computer vision but also build some basic knowledge in classic ML)
  • your strength and background of the industry you want to work (e.g. background in image processing, working in automotive industry in the automated driving area with focus on sensor fusion and deep learning)
  • your timeline, considering how much time you want to invest in your learning roadmap (e.g. 5 hours per week for 8 months or so)

The above mentioned points should fit somehow!

Here you can find some inspiration how other fellow learners approached to plan their learning journey and which courses are popular at the moment:

Please let me know if this helps, @Madhu_Soodan!

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As @Madhu_Soodan has mentioned there’s some factors you need to consider as Data Science is very broad topic.

I would also advice you to orient yourself with this page!

The courses are divided in three major categories namely:

  1. Introductory

  2. Intermediate

  3. Advanced

You can do all the introduction specializations to build a good machine learning intuition, then from there you can choose an area you would like to specialize on. There’s a couple of them like: Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Generative AI, MLOps etc. Machine learning comprise of many tools it will depend on the kind of tasks you’d like to solve.

Happy Learning

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Oh I missed that part. Thank you for detailed explanation I will look there.

Within the Introductory courses that are listed on deeplearning.ai site, should I do Mathematics for ML before the ML Specialization course? Thanks.

Hello @Hartej_Dhiman
If you are new to machine learning and don’t have a strong mathematical background, I would recommend that you take the Math 4 ML specialization first as it covers the necessary mathematical foundations required to understand and apply machine learning techniques.

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This is a great place to gather the ML courses in a clear road map!
I come from a software engineering background and with machine learning I would like to expand my perspective on what it’s possible to do with AI in general to advance humanity, rather than think of specialized applications

For example, when the authors of the Attention Is All You Need paper developed the Transformer architecture, they didn’t quite expect this model to drive the revolution that had been going on for the past year or so
This is what I mean by “discover what’s possible with AI” rather than thinking of specific applications for it

Considering it, what route/order of courses should I take?