Output Layer's Activation Function: Why does the lecturer not specify the Activation function in the output layer?

In the videos, examples of Neural Networks does not specify the activation function in the Output layer.
I just wonder why.
(Does that mean, these models are using a default setting?)
I would appreciate it, if anyone can explain the reason why.
Thanks in advance.

Your guess is correct. If the instructor doesn’t specify an activation function for a layer, the default kicks in. For a Dense layer, the default activation function is linear.

Moving forward, please provide a link to the lecture and timestamp for readers to get a better context of the question.

Thanks @balaji.ambresh

As per your advice, here is the link and the timestamp for reference.
link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/tensorflow-sequences-time-series-and-prediction/lecture/WGzrf/single-layer-neural-network
Time: 1:15