p-Value Misunderstanding

Hi there,
I am having a hard time understanding the probability (p-value).

P(|x̄-66.7|>|68.442-66.7| | μ=66.7).

So the above probability is, difference between sample mean and 66.7 is greater than 1.742 given that H0 is true. But the thing is that, 66.7 is actually the sample mean, so x̄-66.7 should be 0. Because its the difference between sample mean and sample mean! Am I missing something? is x̄ something else? Isn’t 66.7 the sample mean? I am totally confused regarding this.

Hi @Musab_Bin_Gulfam

In the expression mentioned, 66.7 is the population mean, not the sample mean.

Feel free to ask if you need further explanation!

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My bad :blush:, thank you so much.

You’re welcome! happy to help :raised_hands: