Parse data_from file

I got an error when I write some codes to parse the data. It gave me this

IndexError Traceback (most recent call last)
3 # With original dataset
----> 4 sentences, labels = parse_data_from_file(“./data/bbc-text.csv”)
6 print(“ORIGINAL DATASET:\n”)

in parse_data_from_file(filename)
19 [sensor]
20 [sensor]
—> 21 sentence = row[1]
22 sentence = remove_stopwords(sentence)
23 [sensor]

IndexError: list index out of range

what’s wrong with it? could anyone check and help me, please?

The row list has only 1 element, that is the problem here I gather from the error.

Would you like to check my notebook, please?

I have tried to code but still error until now :frowning:

Send it on private I will have a look on it.

I have sent my notebook to you, please help me sir…

Yes, I saw your notebook, you have a lot of mistakes, you are not following the instructions either and you are also editing code that you are not supposed to do so.

I suggest you reset the entire notebook, go through the labs that are on that week and try and redo the assignment by following the instructions exactly, otherwise I should give you the solution entirely but it wont help you in learning.

This link will hep you to reset the notebook:

I have looked at the web page then I reset the Notebook,

Unfortunately, there is no different with the first version one

No I didnt say there will be a different version I said you go about and do the lab from scratch by being very careful of what you are coding.

Hello sir,
i’ve reset the notebook as you said last week. But when i started to run the kernel, it took long time since last week. Would you like to look at my notebook once more, please…