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Hello everyone, I built a model to classify PDFs. The problem is that my training dataset features are almost 20,000, but when I apply the same preprocessing steps, I get only 3,000 for my test cases, which makes sense. My question is, how can I fix that so the test cases have the same shape? The training data is an n*m matrix. I am thinking about reshaping the size of the test case matrix to 1*m and then filling the missing values with 0, but that doesn’t seem logical.

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If preprocessing is done on the both training and testing set, the features of the test and training sets should not differ.
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No, that doesn’t make sense. Preprocessing should handle the number of features identically for both the training and test sets.

hello @BALK , it bother you to share how which method you used to classify them ?

Hello, I think there is a misunderstanding. The training and testing you are talking about are split at the same time, so they have the same number of features. When I said “test,” I meant that in production, we will only try to classify one pdf for example, and the maximum number of words will be around 3000 words. While applying the same preprocessing, I am getting only 3000 features, but my trained model requires 20000.

Hello there, I used Naive Bayes algorithm.

If you’re pre-processing the training set before you use it to create a model, you will need to apply the same pre-processing to the examples you want to use in production.

@BALK at least IMHO, one sort of obvious question that is not specified here-- What criteria (or in what way) are you trying to classify the PDF documents on ? (i.e. Theme ? Language ? Topic ? Sentiment ? Etc)