Plotting data for linear regression

In the course while visualizing data when X axis has multiple features they used lab_utils_common or lab_utils_multi to plot the data.
How to plot the data only using matplotlib??

Hey @Shuvro_Chandra_Das,
Welcome to the community. I guess you have posted this discussion in the wrong place. If I am not wrong, you have this query in Week 2 of Course 1 of the Machine Learning Specialization? I have placed it in MLS C2 W1 for you by using the little pencil icon next to the title.

Now, coming to the query itself, you will find that the functions that have been used in lab_utils_common and lab_utils_multi are themselves based on the fundamental packages like numpy and matplotlib, so, I guess that is pretty much the answer to your question. As to where to find these files, you can either download the entire assignments and/or labs along with these (associated) files, by following the instructions on this thread, or you can follow the instructions on this thread, which will allow you to view the files in the Coursera labs only.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks. I tried to open the lab_utils files with notebook that is why I was stuck.