Point-wise Convolution or the 1x1 convolution

Is the point wise convolution an alias name for 1x1 convolution?

In the lecture videos on Mobile Net the point-wise convolution worked much like the 1x1 convolution to get the desired number of channels in the output with difference that 1x1 convolution was used at that time to decrease the number of filters but this time it was used to increase the number of filters.

But at that time it was pointed that 1x1 convolution may also be used to preserve and even increase the number of channels in the volume. So, why 2 different names are there? Or the difference comes only because of the difference in context of usage (GoogLeNet [Inception Network] and MobileNet respectively).

Yes, they are the same thing. The names depends on who wrote the research paper.

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Thank you sir for your help.