Possible swapping of quiz question/answers

Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science, Module 1, System of equations

there are 2 quizzes to show the completeness - Quiz1: A(pples) + B(anana) = 10 and A(pples) + 2B(ananas) = 12 and Quiz2: A(pples) + B(anana) = 10 and 2A(pples) + 2*B(ananas) = 20. The quiz gives a choice of answer. It appears to me that the quiz and answer choices page are swapped among themselves.

I wish I could cut-n-paste but I am unable to add pictures here. The URL to the specific items is:

Please take a look at Quiz 1 (at time 1:57) and Quiz 2 (at time 3:20)


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It is possible to upload images into a Discourse post: just use the little “Up Arrow” tool in the toolbar.

But note that we aren’t supposed to publicly share solution code and answers to the quizzes, but I guess just showing the text of the question should be ok. If necessary, you can use a DM to send solution information to the course staff or one of the mentors for M4ML.

I hope one of the M4ML mentors will notice your post and contact you directly by DM if they need more information to understand your point.

This is what I see for the 1st quiz.

I don’t see an option for the correct answer in this quiz

For the 2nd quiz I see the image below.

The answer for the question in quiz 2 doesn’t seem to be one of the choices

Hi @Kumar_Narayanan!
Luis explains the solutions in the video right after the questions. :wink:

Hi @arno1609 , My issue isn’t that I can’t solve, or that Luis isn’t explaining.

If you read the question in Quiz1 and solve (I don’t want to say answers here), the correct answer is not one of the choices. Same for Quiz 2.

Let me no persist more on this and waster everyone’s time. Either I am not reading something right, or I am not communicating properly. As more students go through the async session and encounter this issue we can revisit. May be they won’t, esp. if it’s my incorrect interpretation.


Hello @Kumar_Narayanan

For the 1st quiz, you are right. The image that you have shown does not have the correct answer listed. However, strangely enough I just checked out the video and this is what popped up for me.

As you can see, the correct answer is indeed listed in the choices. Could you please go back to the video and try the 1st quiz again and see if anything has changed OR is it still the same set of answer choices shown in your earlier image - If so, we will need to investigate.

Coming to the 2nd quiz, the correct answer is actually available in the list of choices shown in your image. Please give it some thought, maybe you have overlooked it.

Just scroll down and you’ll see more choices for the answer