Potential Bug in text of C5W1A3 notebook ? (Improvise a Jazz Solo with an LSTM Network)

Hi Tutors,

It seems like there might be a mistake in the written text for the C5W1A3 Jupyter notebook (Improvise a Jazz Solo with an LSTM Network).

At the start of the notebook the dimensionality of prediction y is given as (Ty, m, n_values=90).

Near the end of the notebook, just before the ‘predict_and_sample’ function, the dimensionality of ‘pred’ (aka y) is given in the text as (m, Ty, n_values). The order of ‘Ty’ and ‘m’ have been swapped compared to earlier in the text.

When I check the dimensionality of pred in the code myself I get the following, which is consistent with the first definition:
np.shape(pred)=(50, 1, 90)

Hopefully this feedback is helpful for improving the course. My apologies if I have somehow got this confused myself.


Thanks for your report.