Practice lab 1 error

Hey for exercise one this is the code i wrote but it doesnt seem to work any idea why ?

Hello @Sai_Srikar
Could you please post the screenshot of the error message? Moreover posting code in discussion forum is against community guidelines


oh sorry my bad next time i wont paste code

here is the error message

any idea where i went wrong?

Are you using variables from the input arguments, with correct spelling and captial/small letters?

def find_closest_centroids(X, centroids)


P.S. I am removing your assignment code.

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Yes iam , i don’t know why the output is not the write one since the compute centroids cell seems to run fine

are you using any variable named by a small letter x?

no iam not using a small letter x

Learner fixed the problem by using the variable names provided by the input arguments in the exercise function’s def line. Closing this thread.