Practice Lab 1 Hits Syntax Error

Hi all,

It has been quite enlightening try to figure out what exactly is happening with our labs.

I have graduated from Course 1 and right now I’m in the middle of Course 2 Assignments. Seems they demand some creative alchemies in terms of getting code from the notes and not the optional labs.

Having read the script, definitely understood, I’m trying to deal with the 1st graded cell. Seems I did something right, I did something wrong, for it hits a mere syntax error at the completion of the sequential model. The first part of this exam.

Can someone from the course staff enlighten me in terms of how can I right my wrongs?

What exactly is happening with the code?

Looking forward for your lights!


Please post a screen capture image that shows any error messages or asserts.


A syntax error means that some previous line of code contained some text that the language parser wasn’t able to make sense of.

Syntax errors are often on the line immediately previous to where the error was detected.

Did you modify anything in that cell ahead of the “model = …” statement?
It should look like this:

No I haven’t modified that part TMosh.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that after the “end of code” indication the name portrayed is “my_model” and not “model”.

I’m not asking you to predict what’s right and what’s wrong, I haven’t made that change yet as well, but would the machine accept the entitlement “my_model” instead of “model” since that’s the indication afterwards?

Looking forward for your reply


It again shows an error message, “my_model” is not the indicated correction.

Could I communicate with someone to help me with the code if shown to them?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the delayed reply, the notifications from Discourse seem to be delayed by up to a day.

I don’t see anything about “my_model” in the image you posted.

Please download your notebook ipynb file and send it to me attached to a private message. I cannot see your notebook unless you send it to me.