Problem in assignment submission

Despite the fact that I have passed all the tests, I am unable to fetch marks. I have submitted 2 assignments with all tests passed but I received 0/100 for both. I am unable to figure out why. I submitted Course 5 M1 3rd assignment and Course 4 M2 2nd assignment.
I wish to complete the course this week. Kindly let me know how to proceed.

Does the grader give you any more detailed output? When you pass the tests in the notebook, but fail the grader, there are a couple of general types of problems that can cause this:

  1. There is something structural wrong with your notebook. But usually in that case the grader will give some indication like “failed to compile” or the like. One thing to try is “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”, “Save” and the “Submit” again and see if that makes a difference.

  2. The more common problem is that your code is not general, meaning you have either hard-coded some assumption about the inputs that happens to match the particular tests in the notebook, but doesn’t match the grader. The other common way to do this is to reference a global variable directly from your code which is passed as a parameter. What if the grader passes a different global for that parameter?

Also notice that you filed this under DLS Course 4, but the way you talk about the assignments, I’m not sure they are from DLS. If my suggestions above don’t shed any light on your problem, please give us more details about the specialization and course where you are having this issue.

No, I did complete these two assignments just like the other ones I completed earlier. But for these two I did pass the tests but I got 0/100. I get scores as shown below.

But my question is what you see when you click “Show grader output” there.

But the most we can hope for there is that it will either point to case 1 or case 2 in my suggestions above. You still will have to dig deeper on one direction of the other.

In my original reply, I gave explanations for what might be causing this type of scenario. But they require further thought and investigation on your part.

Did you try the “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”?

The high level point is that simply passing one set of test cases is never enough to prove that your code is fully correct. Doing software quality assurance is actually a hard problem. That’s why SQA is a whole field that you can study.

So you can’t just assume it is someone else’s problem in this case. There is something wrong either with your notebook (case 1 above) or your code (case 2) and further work is required to figure out the problem.

When I click on Show grader output.

Ok, it looks like something is wrong with the comments in your notebook that the grader uses. Please use the browser text search function to search for the string UNQ_C2 in your notebook. There should be only one occurrence of that string, but the grader says there is more than one. So how did that happen? E.g. did you modify some of those comments or did you copy or duplicate one of the graded cells? Doing either of those things would be a mistake.

Also note that you could have saved yourself and the rest of us some time by showing us that information in the first place. Is it the same or similar in the other failure case?

Thanks for helping me out. I was finally able to complete and pass the assignments.