Problem in the code given for calculation of dz2 and dz1

In the programming assignments these are the codes given to us for dz2 and dz1. what is the role of np.int64(A2>0). To me it seems this is the value of g’(z). is it . how it is?

dZ2 = np.multiply(dA2, np.int64(A2 > 0))

dZ1 = np.multiply(dA1, np.int64(A1 > 0))
please help

You’re right: that is the derivative of ReLU. Think about it for a second and that should become clear. It is 1 if a > 0 and 0 otherwise, right?

Note that the code here looks quite a bit different than the fully general code that we wrote in Week 4 of Course 1 for the L layer case. Here they just “hard-code” everything to keep the code simple, so they don’t call a function for the derivative of the activations that is parameterized with the function being used: they just literally write it out.

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