Problem in the Exercise 6 - train_step

Hi friend and mentor,

I got an error from Exercise 6 - train_step in Art_Generation_with_Neural_Style_Transfer. All of my previous functions are passed. Can someone give me a hint? thanks.

I do not use tf.square at all but **2 for J_style_layer in the function of compute_layer_style_cost(a_S, a_G)

Are you sure that you followed the instructions in the test cell:

# You always must run the last cell before this one. You will get an error if not.

In other words, you cannot run the “train step” cell once and then run the test cell twice. That doesn’t work.

Yes, Paul. I did. If I don’t do that, the error is not just the cost value anymore, it’s tons of “article”.

One interesting thing is that, if I run it on my local, I will get those numbers currently, it says all test passed. Then I just continue to next section, the I have error again…