Problem in week 3 programming assignment

I completed the code required for the programming assignment of week 3 (tensorflow introduction) however while running the cell 3.3 (train the model) I get the following error:
ValueError: No gradients provided for any variable: [‘Variable:0’, ‘Variable:0’, ‘Variable:0’, ‘Variable:0’, ‘Variable:0’, ‘Variable:0’].
Can anyone please help me??

Fixed by @CHERIL.

The error was caused by a syntax error.

Good luck with the rest of the specialization :slight_smile:

It still shows this error for me. What is the syntax error can i correct it on my own??

Hello @Pragya_here can you send your code cell here?

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Thanks a lot for keeping an eye on this topic, @CHERIL. I think it’s the same problem that was solved here.

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