Problem to send assignment C1W4

I passed sucsessfully all tests,
but when a press the button “Submit assigmnet”, the file is never sent, and i can’t validate the test.
A restarted the kernel many times, but it doesn’t hep.

How can i solve the problem ?

Hi @Malfondet_Luc,
What do you mean when you say, “the file is never sent”? What error do you see? When you look at “My submissions” on the Coursera page you opened the lab assignment from, is there more info on the error.

For this assignment, please make sure you are following the instructions that tell you to submit the assignment BEFORE you try running the last (optional) cell.

I have this error message now.

Hmm… a server connectivity issue. Do you happen to be using a company computer? Sometimes there are problems if the company has set up a firewall, although I’m not sure this particular error would be due to a firewall issue. Can you try from another computer not on the same network, such as your home computer?

It doesn’t seem to be a general issue with the Coursera environment, since I can submit just fine. Even so, if trying a computer on another network doesn’t work, this sounds like it might be a question that best for the Coursera customer support team, since they’re better equipped to help with this kind of issue: Coursera Help Center