Problem when running the Model Prediction cell in Colab Human vs Horses

Hello. I’ve been having this problem for all the Notebooks used in the Week 4. Can someone helped me?


Hello @Carlos_David_Cruz_Vi ,

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Btw can you kindly give the specific link to the notebook you are working(link of the fresh notebook, linked in the course readings). Because downloading part code is always done prior.Students don’t need to do that generally(unless there is any recent update).

And as per the error of your screenshot,

1.You have not chosen any file.
When you are using this way to upload a file : uploaded= files.upload(),
see there is a grey box to upload files : Choose files. There you need to upload your dataset.To upload, you must have downloaded the dataset to upload.

  1. You can directly use !wget to download dataset from the link :
!wget [link]
# Download the training set

# Download the validation set

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