Problem with Exercise 4 : add_interactions

Hi @Mubsi

I get all three tests failed even though the interactions appended structure seems correct.

Can you please help.


Data with Interactions

       Age  Systolic_BP  Age_&_Systolic_BP

1824 -0.912451 -0.068019 0.062064
253 -0.302039 1.719538 -0.519367
1114 2.576274 0.155962 0.401800
3220 1.163621 -2.033931 -2.366725
2108 -0.446238 -0.054554 0.024344

Error: Data-type mismatch.
Error: Wrong shape.
Error: Wrong output.
0 Tests passed
3 Tests failed

Hi @getjaidev,

For your Ex 4, your issue lies in the variable feature_i_j_name. You are not using the right operator.

Please pay close attention to the code cell instruction:

# create the name of the interaction feature by combining both names
# example: "apple" and "orange" are combined to be "apple_x_orange"


Ah! Ok :slight_smile: Got it. Thanks


I got the same problam, can you please share in private what was changed?

Thank you

Hi @Tomer_Heitner,

Pay close attention to these instructions.


Thank you, it ended up being a problem of not using the variable m in the loop (i calculated the loop range when i called it instead)