Problem with JSONL when running the 3 lines of code

I am running the training lab on colab, the step where the model is finetuned using 3 lines of code fails with the below:

ValueError: Each object must have input_key={input_key} (and optionally output_key={output_key}). You can pass in different input_key and output_keys

I do have the correct jsonl file. Wondering if the modules I have are of a different version and maybe expects the input file in a different format.

Any thoughts?


Hi @sanimesa

There is already a topic regards this issue open

Did you check this?

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Thanks, will check it out. So it confirms that the JSONL format does not work with the code except in the course environment for some reason.


Looks like this is due to a version mismatch - the current lamini version is 0.0.21 while the training lab version is 0.0.20.