Program Assignments in Local Environments

There is no quick way to find out which assignments have been updated. You will need to open each one and that’s the point at which you find out about the updates. When you find one that’s updated, you need to handle each case appropriately. There are two kinds of updates: “forced” updates and “non-forced”. In the forced case, your current notebook is moved aside and given a name that interpolates the date and time and the new notebook is the one opened by the “Work in Browser” link. In the non-forced case, you have to do the “Get a Fresh Copy” procedure documented on the DLS FAQ Thread to get the new version. See the other topic on the FAQ Thread titled “Help! All my work disappeared!” to find out how to deal with the forced update case.

You’re correct that the versions of TF, python and all the various packages and libraries are from the last major update in April of 2021. There are no official instructions for how to create your own environment with matching versions, but here is a thread that will get you started down that path.

Some of the assignments may work in a more current environment, but there is no guarantee. The world of TF and python packages is pretty dynamic and APIs do change their behavior in incompatible ways sometimes. If you don’t want to do the Anaconda method documented on the thread that I linked, then your alternative is just to debug every case in which things don’t work in the current environment. But then the next time you pull new versions of packages, you may well have to do that all over again.