Tensor Flow 1 in older versions of the course


What do you recommend for previous students who have the older versions of the code that was built using TensorFlow 1. Manually update their local copies to Tensor Flow 2? Or is there a way for students who have previously enrolled to the course to still have access to new assignments (in TensorFlow 2) even if they cannot submit. This will help a LOT with the migration of their previous code. Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand what you are proposing that would “help a lot”. TF2 is very different than TF1 and there are also a number of completely new assignments in the new “refreshed” version of the courses (especially in the ConvNets course). For the assignments that are still common between the two versions and use TF, you may be able to port some of your code from the old versions of the assignments forward, but it requires understanding the TF differences and studying everything carefully. Sorry, but I don’t there are any magic shortcuts here.

But please note that in Courses 1 and 2, all the assignments are the same, except for new graders and some new internal tests. You can easily just “copy/paste” your previous solutions from the old version of the courses, until you get to Week 3 of Course 2 and the first TensorFlow assignment there.

I’m not enrolled in the current version of the course. I thought about doing so, but I’m currently enrolled in the Practical Data science. I don’t want to overload myself. I was reviewing my old assignments when I realized the difference in the TF versions. I will learn TF2 and port my old code into TF2. It will be a good exercise. Thank you for your reply.