Recent updates to the Course

I had completed this course last month, and I saw the recent refresh announcement. I even “reset the deadlines” as recommended to see the new content. But I don’t see any obviously discernible updates, and short of watching all the videos, it is unclear what all has been updated.
Is there a list of changes that former/current students like me can refer to?

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Sorry, I am not aware of an official list of the updates to the various courses. But here is a general overview:

  1. The grader platform and grader test cases and the user test cases in the notebooks have been changed in all the courses that have assignments (all but Course 3).
  2. For Course 1, there are no changes other than the new graders and a few bug fixes to the assignments.
  3. In Courses 2, 4 and 5, the really major change is that all uses of TensorFlow are updated from the original TensorFlow 1 to TensorFlow 2. This starts in Week 3 of Course 2, where TF is first introduced. There is an intro to TF2 and then the assignments in Course 2 Week 3 are rewritten using TF2.
  4. In Course 4, there are several completely new items, e.g. the course covers MobilNet as another Transfer Learning example, including a new exercise using MobilNet. All the assignments in C4 use TF and Keras, so the TF2 update is a big deal there.
  5. I have not personally looked at the changes in Course 5, but everything there uses TF and Keras, so the switch to TF2 will be a big deal there as well.

That’s at least a high level sketch of the changes.

Oh, and the other big deal is that they have switched to using Discourse as the discussion and support platform, instead of the Coursera Forums. But you obviously know about that already. :smile:


Hi apparle, I have the exactly same question.

I find this post helpful to know if you’re in old/new version.

Would you like to let me know if you solve the problem? Thank you a lot!

Hi, Wenyu. Thanks for the link to that Forum post. But for other folks viewing this, please be aware that you’ll only be able to follow that link if you are in the current (old) version of DLS Course 1. If you get “That page doesn’t exist” when you click that link, then it means you are in the new version of Course 1 already. :sweat_smile:

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For me the link above works and I am still seeing the old version of the course, I wrote to the support they told that they are working on that. I am peacefully waiting but really want to access to the new version asap ! :slight_smile:

Hi, Viktoriia.
Sorry, the Course Staff is working with Coursera to solve this problem, but apparently it’s not so simple. There is a thread from @Mubsi that you can monitor to track the latest news on this. I hope they’ll have a solution soon!

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It has been 3 days since I reached out to the help center but it’s still not resolved. They mentioned - “I could confirm that this is a technical issue and it has been already reported to our engineering team to work on a permanent fix. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a specific timeline of when this will be resolved, however, rest assured that we are working as quickly as we can.”

I hope they can resolve it soon, following the posted thread in the meantime.

I also reported the problem to Coursera help 3 days back, and got a similar response that its a technical issue with no clear timeline to fix the problem.
I’m also patiently waiting.

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Hello everyone!
So eventually did anyone obtain an updated version of their DL Specialization after 1 week of consideration?
I am now planning how to proceed further with my learning schedule…
That is really sad this situation.

I was in the middle of course-3 and just proceeded to finish it because the email describing the course updates didn’t mention any changes for Course-3.
I then enrolled in Course-4 hoping that at least there I’ll get the newer version. But unfortunately, even for this new course it’s showing old content for me :frowning: Because Course-4 has a lot of changes, I’m planning to wait for the new material to show up.
I don’t know how long at this point :man_shrugging: . It is very disappointing that Coursera/ don’t have a better response or a timeline to fix this problem, even for their paid customers.

Hi Viktoriia,

I had the same issue and just fixed that.

Coursera Help Center can manully un-enrolled you and enrolled you Back to solve the problem. If you’re told that enginners are working on that, you can ask help center to do the same thing stated above

However my course 1-4 are new version now but not Course 5.

I’m not sure there is a new version for course 5 at all because I didn’t see the ‘new version announcement’ in Course 5

Notice that this move will clear your progress you’ve made. But it works.

Hello Wenyu, I am happy for you that you finally got your new content available.
I’ve just recontacted the Help Center and they told me to wait for more time… I am extremely unhappy, I am waiting for 1 week without any progress while not basically using my subscription…

Hi, Viktoriia,

My suggestions is to keep telling Help Center to manually un-enrolled you and re-enrolled you back again.

They usually be happily do that for you. If they didn’t get your point or that didn’t work, try re-contact later for another assistance (every time you contact help center it would be different assiatance). It works for me.

Hope this helps you!

Dear Wenyu,

Many thanks for your suggestion ! I just asked them to do so and it worked ! I see new content for C2 ans C4, finally. The rest C1 and C3 I did not re-enrolled cause there is no change as far as I know.
C5 updates should appear by the end of this month from what I know so I will enroll later.
Cool :metal: thanks ! Keeping learning )

@Viktoriia did you lose your completions/certifications for the courses that you re-enrolled ?

I finally asked Coursera Help to “manually un-enroll and re-enroll” for all 4 courses, and now I can see all the new material.
The courses 1-3 (which I had completed) are still marked completed as a whole and I can still see the certificates. But inside the course, all the assignments and material have been reset and now it shows nothing as completed for me.
But I don’t mind it – I’ll probably redo all the quizzes and assignments once after I’m done with Course 4 & 5, just as refresher; only watching only those videos which I need to.

Thanks for the suggestions @Wenyu and @Viktoriia :smiley:

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I’m glad you get access to new content! @Viktoriia @apparle , and many thanks for your suggestions too! Happy Learning!

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